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10 Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell



Have you been thinking of selling your home lately? It’s a large undertaking to sell a home,
especially difficult if your trying to buy a home at the same time. Here I list some of the top
10 tips to get you started in your home selling journey.





First thing I would suggest would be to go from room to room and make a list of what you really need to keep in each room. Then I would start cleaning out each room, the things you no longer need you  can sell or donate. This will also help when you need to pack and move, because everything else you will take with you.


Clean The Outside


Make sure you clean up around the outside of the whole house. Curb appeal is very important to a buyer. Make sure you keep the lawn mowed, tree’s trimmed, leaves & brush cleared. If you really want to make your driveway more appealing, you could have it sealed by a professional, could add a little more value to your home to.


Clean The Inside


It’s a given that you will need to clean your home, but I would suggest a top to bottom clean. A very thorough cleaning will make all the difference when trying to sell. A potential homebuyer will look at how clean a home is but don’t forget they will also smell how clean a home is. Walking into a home that smells musty or if you have pets, a lingering pet odor will surely turn some buyers away.





After cleaning and getting rid of the clutter, you can start looking around and making a list of things that need to be repaired. Some things are easy fixes chipped paint, new door hardware, replacing faucets etc. If you have a budget for repairs you could possibly paint a few rooms to. You could even do inexpensive peel & stick vinyl floor tiles. Most of the ones I’ve seen look like hardwood floors, very nice addition, could add some value to your home.


Front Door

A good way to make a home inviting is to paint the front door and do a little landscaping near the entrance.   When  people drive by they will notice the front first, so you want it to be as inviting as possible. If there is a front porch, you could put a small bistro set or a porch swing. Who doesn’t want to sit and relax somewhere like that? I would also add a welcome mat, something that goes nicely with your freshly painted door.


Organize Your Closets


Organizing your closets and drawers will not only help you when your ready to pack and move, but it will also give potential buyers a better idea of how their things may look there. You can purchase closet organizers or totes for some space saving ideas.


Home Inspection


I would get a home inspection just so you know if there are any areas you may need to fix and work that may need to be done in order for your home to be ready to put on the market. This way there are no surprises when a potential homebuyer gets their own inspection and finds out there are problems with the home, and that you as the seller may have to have fixed.



Find a Realtor


Now you need to find the right real estate agent that will walk you through the home selling process. I would find a realtor with a good reputation & years of experience. It wouldn’t hurt if they had lots of sales as well, this way you know that you are getting someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the whole process. A realtor you can connect with, answers all your questions, and who is always available is a big plus.


Setting a Price


Getting you home appraised is one way to get an impartial, clear-eyed opinion on what your home is worth.  You can also ask an appraiser what they think could make your home more valuable, and this way you can do these things before putting your home on the market. Here is a site with more info on setting a price.


Staging & Photos



Staging your home or having a decorator help you rearrange & reorganize your home will help in presenting your home with a fresh look. Hiring a professional stager will cost less if you can use some of your own furnishings and decor items. One of the top home stagers is the Staging Diva who has years of experience, and some helpful tips & information  on her sight about home staging. Photos are what most first time home buyers  look at first online. Make sure you have really good pictures with great lighting that will show your homes best features when looking at them online.


Selling a home is a large undertaking from start to finish. I hope you found some of these tips useful and helpful in your home selling efforts. Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think.









Here are a few sites that may be useful when you go through the process of selling your home.






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  1. This is such a great article! We aren’t looking to sell a house, but we have been looking to buy one. The difference your tips make is CRAZY! When we walk into a house and it’s completely empty, it’s really hard to imagine living there. When it’s very minimally decorated, it makes a world of difference. We’ve been drawn more to solid color furniture and walls… the patterns really turn me off for some reason. Crazy colors really turn me off as well. We walked into one home and one of the rooms was lime green…SERIOUSLY, LIME GREEN?? Another issue we’ve seen is keeping rooms decorated according to the children you currently have. My smallest two boys live with us, and one house we looked had a beautiful pink decorated room. I stopped looking after that. Logically, I know we could redecorate, but it turned me off.

    1. I know what you mean, it’s really hard to imagine what your furniture will look like in a empty house.
      You can also check out my home buying tips as well. Happy House Hunting!

    2. Lime green is definitely a turn off. Good thing about paint is it’s an inexpensive fix for any space. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Great looking post with a lot of valuable info. Text is tastefully broken up with photos and subheads. When we were selling our house many years ago, we followed a checklist very similar to this. Though there were 40 houses for sale within a mile of our house, ours sold in 3 weeks because it looked so good. Thanks for sharing on a timeless topic.

  3. These are useful tips especially if you want to sell your home fast. Storage units are useful when it comes to moving out as well. nice job!

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