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20 Useful Ways To Promote A Book




Now that you’ve written your book, it’s time to start thinking about promoting. Here, I have a list of  20 ways to promote and market your newly written book.


1. Facebook fan page:


Using a Facebook fan page or business page you can make a author page, post your book or books and pin to the top where it’s seen first.





Tweet about your book or upcoming books to help stir interest and get pre-orders.


3. Facebook Groups:


You can join book & writer groups where you can engage others to help promote your books.


4. KDP Select:


Being part of Amazon’s KDP select program you can have free promotion giveaways to help promote more interest, and hopefully increase sales.


5. Reviews:


Getting honest reviews helps in getting a better Amazon ranking, which in turn helps with sales.


6. Facebook Ads:


Using Facebook ads you can promote your book to reach certain targeted groups.


7. YouTube:

You can make a YouTube video, and tell how you wrote the book & your whole writing process.


8. Fiverr:


Using Fiverr to get help in promoting in groups, for tweets or other online promotions.


9. Author page:


You can register and set up an author page on Amazon to promote yourself and your books.


10. Book Trailer:


Making a book trailer is another way to promote a book. You can share it on your Facebook pages, and in promotional groups.


11. Newsletter:


Making a monthly newsletter you can keep in touch with fans and give updates on future releases and public appearances.


12. Business cards:


Making business cards to hand out with your web address and social media pages can also generate more interest. You can get creative with designs and add pictures of your book covers on it.


13. Pinterest:


Pinterest is a visual platform, you can stir interest by getting people to pin images of your book cover.


14. Book Reading:


Doing book reading’s of your book is another way to promote your book. You could get creative by reading live online or at book stores, art galleries, fairs etc.


15. Giveaway:


Hosting a online contest or giveaway is another option for stirring readers interest, the more unique the better.


16. Media Kit:


You can get a media kit for promoting yourself/your brand, and also purchase ads for promoting.



17. Promote your book sites:


Here you’ll find a list of sites for promoting your book or books. Some are free, and some do charge a small fee for promotion.


18. Blog:


Start a blog to help promote your books. You could even sell them on your own site. Having your own blog you can promote in different areas and groups to spread the word to readers.


19. Guest Posting:


Guest posting on other blogs will also help get the word out and help in promotion of a book, not only will your readers see it but other blog readers as well.



20. Connect Locally:


Connecting to your local schools, libraries and colleges can help spread the word of your books near you, and maybe open up new avenues of promotion for you.



Writing and publishing a book is an exciting undertaking, just remember that  you also have to promote & market not only your books but yourself as well. I hope you found this list helpful in your journey of becoming a published author. Leave me a comment below & let me know what you think.




This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a commission at no cost to you for purchases made through these links.



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