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25 Party Ideas

Want to have a party but are stuck for an idea or theme for your party, or are you just looking for a little party idea inspiration. Here’s a list of parties you may have heard of, and some you might not have. Just something I thought would be fun for those looking for a little party inspiration.



1. Block Party:

 A block party is a public party that is attended by the residents of a specific city block or neighborhood. These parties are typically held in a city street, attendees are free to pass from house to house, socializing, and often drinking alcoholic beverages.



2. Apparel Party:

A party in which everyone is supposed to wear a themed piece of clothing, often including a prize for the attendee wearing the best.




3. Tea Party:

A tea party is a formal, ritualized gathering for afternoon tea. – Formal tea parties are often characterized by the use of prestige utensils, such as bone china or silver. The tea is accompanied by a variety of easily foods: thin sandwiches such as cucumber or tomato, cake slices, buns or rolls, and cookies are all common.



4. Singles Dance Party:

A singles dance party and mixer is a party which is organized for people who are not married and who want to find a partner for friendship, dating. These parties are sponsored by various organizations, both non-profit and for-profit.


5. Game Party:

A social gathering where games are played.


6. Divorce Party:

A divorce party is a way to have a ceremony that celebrates the end of a marriage or civil union. Types of divorce parties vary greatly, and can involve either one or both members of the separating couple. Divorce parties have been called the final frontier in the wedding industry complex, and often involve a toast that emphasizes the couple beginning new chapters in their lives.




7. Foam Party:

A foam party is a social event in which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine. Mostly foam parties occur at nightclubs, dance clubs, or private parties.


8. Theme Party:

 A theme party is a party that centers around a certain type of theme. With food and decorations revolving around the same theme.



9. Hawaiian Luau Party:

Hawaiian Luau Parties are popular hosted by a swimming pool and can serve as a pool party too. If guests are dressed in swim suits then grass skirts are used as a cover-up. Decorate with pineapples, coconuts and tropical plants.



10. Whodunit Party:

This is a Murder Mystery Dinner Party. Guests come dressed to kill while dining on a full-course menu of delicious cuisine and solving clues with each serving.



11. Cooking Party:

A cooking party is a party where guest come prepared to cook. A menu is picked and all guest take part is chopping, stirring and cooking. Once the meal is ready everyone sits down to eat. It’s also common to plan recipes that are new or not so common ,so guests learn a new recipe while at the party.



12. Pamper Party:

A pamper party is a party held primarily amongst females where each guest receives beauty and massage treatments and generally spend time indulging and pampering themselves. Pamper parties are usually held in the hostess’s home although they are sometimes offered by spas and salons.



13. Toga Party:

A toga party is a particular kind of costume party in which you  wear a toga, or something similar, normally made from a bed sheet, and sandals. They are a popular tradition on college and university campuses in the United States and Canada.



14. Pantry Party:

A pantry party is another form of a house warming party. The idea is for all the guest to bring a food item to put in the pantry of the new house or apartment. Pantry parties are popular for young adults who are moving out for the first time.



15. Garden Party:

A garden party is a social gathering with food provided, in the open in a park or a garden. An event described as a garden party is usually more formal than other similar gatherings, which may be called just parties, picnics, barbecues.



16. Pirate Party:

Everybody loves a pirate party and enjoyed by all ages. In fact more adults have pirate parties then children. Adults have them all year long and serve drinks. Children usually have pirate theme birthday parties. Both dress like pirates & serve pirate theme foods, and talk like pirates.



17. Tailgate Party:

In the United States, a tailgate party is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Tailgating often involves consuming alcoholic beverages and grilling food. Tailgate parties occur in the parking lots at stadiums and arenas, before and occasionally after games and concerts.



18. Western Party:

Guest dress in Western theme clothes. Be a cowgirl, cowboy, Indian, sheriff, horse etc. Serve buffalo meat, sausage, beans,  steak, beer, whisky etc. If party is outdoors, fireside cooking is a must. Activities could be horse riding or roping games. Giddy-up parties are great for kids too. Just leave out the booze and serve milk.



19. Book Themed parties:

You can have a party based on a certain book and wear costumes to go with the theme of the book.



20. Sport Theme Party:

Party that revolves around whatever sport you like a baseball theme, soccer, football, whatever your favorite sport you can throw a party with food and decorations to match.



21. Red, White and Blue Party:

A Party you can have for the 4th of July or anytime you want to throw a party around the red, white and blue colors.  Would make for a great summer cookout or barbecue themed party.



22. Dinner Party:

A dinner party is a formal social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually in the host’s own home. At most formal dinner parties, dinner is served at a dining table with place settings.



23. Cast Party:

A cast party is a celebration following the final performance of a theatric event, such as a play, a musical, or an opera. Cast parties are usually held for most theater performances, both professional and amateur. Invited guests are mostly restricted to performers, crew members, and a few others who did not participate in the performance.







24. Farewell Party:

In many cultures, it is customary to throw a farewell party in honor of someone who is moving away or departing on a long trip, it’s sometimes called a bon voyage party. Retirement parties for co-workers  leaving fall into this category.



25. 80’s Prom Themed Party:

For this kind of party, you can shop at your local Goodwill or vintage store for inexpensive finds: make sure you look for bright colors and puffy sleeves.  Snag a can of hairspray from a convenience store for a finishing touch. Need some  music inspiration, Listen to Duran Duran, Madonna, and Journey.




Whatever your party theme is you can get party supplies here at for a very reasonable price.


I hope you enjoyed this post, leave me a comment and let me know about your go to party ideas.

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