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5 Cleaning Businesses You Can Start Today

Cleaning is one of the least  glamorous jobs to do, but if you work it right there is good money in cleaning, all you have to do is figure out what type of cleaning works for you. Supplies are cheap, you probably have some of them on hand right now. Take a look at some ideas, and see what pops for you.



1. Residential Cleaning:


Everyone needs their home cleaned and no one likes doing it, why not hire some help, especially around springtime. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to hire someone to help. Summer would be a good time to start especially with everyone going on vacations.





2. Commercial Cleaning:


Know some offices or businesses that could use a cleaning, you could even offer restaurant cleaning, Dr. offices and small home office businesses to clean. There are some good possibilities here.




3. Event Cleaning:



Love weddings and parties, offer cleaning services for all kinds of events from bridal showers to engagement parties, even concert venues. The possibilities are endless with this one.



4. Move-out Cleaning:



Do you know that when people move out of their homes, cleaning is the last thing you want to deal with, why not hire someone to do the cleaning as you move out, and take care of some of the moving stress off of you. You could charge by the hour or by the room, you just need to do some research and see what the rates are in your area.






5. Real Estate Cleaning:



 Home buying is a never ending market why not hire yourself out to real estate agencies and do cleaning for the homes that are on the market, you could also handle all the local rentals as well condos, vacation property etc. Definitely a good idea during summer months when everyone is looking for vacation rentals.




As with any business you start you should always do your own research and check with all state and local agencies for licenses and set up fees in your area. I hope you found this information useful, you can leave me a comment below and let me know if some of these ideas work for you.


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