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6 Frugal Tips for New Grads & Newlyweds




Everyone wants to save a little money, in the case of a new grad or a newly married couple it becomes a necessity. Here I will give some of my tips and ideas for those looking to cut costs on everyday things & save a little money as they do.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links in this post.



1. Credit:


Everyone these days need a credit score. If you have just graduated or just got married chances are you need to either get a credit score, or raise your credit score for buying a home or car. I’m in no way suggesting you go get a credit card, but I do know one of the best ways I’ve found to build your credit score is to get a credit card with a small limit, use a little, then pay in full every month.


There are several cards to choose from. If you have little to no credit, you can get secured cards. Most of them you will need $200 to open the credit card account, and some cards will give you $300 which will give you $500 in total. Here is a site you can go to and do your own research to see what works best for you. Just remember to pay in full every month and this should help with building your credit.


2. Food:

Everyone has to eat, groceries are a costly but necessary expense. I’ve found that shopping at certain stores at certain times of the week they have specials on everything from produce to meats. Almost all grocery stores have a online paper, before doing any shopping I would check all the local store papers. I would then make a list at what stores to buy which items from, then go from there.


Most people like to shop at just one store, but for me I like going to different ones to find the best deals. If you have store cards where you can load coupons, even better. Here is a site that have over 1000 +  frugal recipes, which should help you create some great meals with the food you got such a great deal on. Also you can get my recipe book called Poor Mans CookBook at Amazon, filled with easy recipes for those on a budget.





3. Vehicle:

Unless you live in a large city and use Uber you probably have a vehicle or are in need of one. One of the best places to start is online at Consumer Reports. Consumer reports website has an abundance of information on the best and worst used cars, your cars value, trading vs. selling, insurance and a whole lot more. Whether your looking to buy a used car or to save on repairs, with this site you should find something useful for your personal situation. There is also a section on how to avoid buying a lemon, good information for someone buying a used car.


4. Make Extra Money:

Looking for ways to make some extra cash, some of the easiest is through places like SwagBucks, Inbox dollars & other sites like them. You won’t make a lot unless you are at it constantly. My suggestion is do that some, and find a few others to try like mow lawns, clean homes or businesses, run errands for those who are homebound. Some have even made money at painting house numbers on the curb. You could even make house number signs if your crafty & into DIY. With painting street numbers you will  need spray paint,  stencils and a few other supplies to get started, plus a steady hand couldn’t hurt either.


5. Couponing:


One of the best way to save is coupons. Most stores have downloadable coupon apps and digital coupons for you to use. Some like Ibotta, Retail Me Not,  and SavingStar are some that are available. Ebates is one I use for online shopping, it offers cash back on your online purchases.  Here at this site are a list of 25 apps that can save you some money, I haven’t tried all of them, so do some research to see which ones fit your needs. Dollar stores now have digital coupons that you can use on in store purchases, great way to stock up on things like household supplies, cleaning supplies etc.






6. Appliances:


When just starting out, whether your on your own, or a newly married couple, you usually end up needing appliances. I would suggest buying used to start off with, especially big appliances like washer, dryer & stove. Craigslist, online yard sales and local papers are a good place to start. If you’ve decided you want new appliances but you have a limited budget, try places like Lowe’s. Sometimes people will return appliances for small things like scratches or small dents.


They then usually resell those at a discount. Couldn’t hurt to check it out.  Smaller appliances like microwaves, coffee makers & crockpots, will work fine buying used if you can test them out first, they’re usually not hard to clean before using for the first time.





I just wanted to add that if you have a Dollar Tree nearby you can find some really good deals on some name brand foods, some frozen foods & cleaning supplies for just a dollar. They will also take coupons, you can ask them to make sure. They have a wide selection of food products, even name brand bread, bagels and cereals. It’s worth checking into if you want to save on groceries, they don’t have fresh produce, but that’s easily found at other stores. Dollar tree is also a good place to find eating utensils, baking pans and dinnerware at a great price, especially for those just starting out on their own.


Bonus: Saving on Utilities


This site listed here has 12 different ways to save on your utility costs. Really great information not just for those starting out, but also for anyone trying to live within a budget.


There are a lot of ways to save money if you’re creative and are on a limited budget. I hope some of my ideas and suggestions helped you in some way and got you thinking on other ways you could save some.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using some of the links in this post.


I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment below and let me know some of your money saving tips.


Some books that might interest you:


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  1. Great article. I just graduated recently, and I am staying with my parents to save some money while paying off my loans. It has been such a relief!

  2. I’m a new grad, and I’m lucky enough that my parents are willing and able to handle a lot of my expenses while I’m in grad school and saving to be independent. However, the majority of my money goes right into food. Those recipes will hopefully be extremely helpful for me!!

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