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Calming Aid Ideas For Dog Owners


Calming Ideas During Storms


We love our fur family so it stands to reason that when they are scared or frightened we want to do every thing we can to help get them get back to their usual playfulness. When you hear a storm coming in the distance you know right away it’s going to be a long night, especially if you have more than one fur baby that has issues with thunder and lightning. When the barking or howling begins it leaves you frustrated not knowing how to help.  According to WebMD the anxieties seems to get worse throughout the season as you get more storms.


My experience


Some dogs like herding breeds may be predisposed to the problem according to an internet survey by researchers. Being the dog mom of an Australian shepherd I can say there is some truth to that, being that my girl gets upset and howls to the rafters when thunder and lightning approach our home. When we love our dogs we try to understand their individual habits and quirks. Some use calming collars, sprays, shirts and calming chews. Fact is that there are a lot of products out on the market today that are safe to use in calming your pet during stressful times.





Some experts say that a move, or separation from a family member could contribute to some anxiety problems. I haven’t tried all of the products out there, but I’ve tried enough of them to know what works best for our girl during storms. Storms are her biggest trigger, but not the only one. I’m sure a lot of dog owners can say that their dog also barks and howls when the garbage truck stops by or when an ambulance or fire truck is in the area. Personally I don’t like to give my dog a lot of medication unless it’s necessary. I’ve been constantly looking for more natural approaches to her problem.


I’ll give examples of three of the calming aids I’ve tried, and then give a fourth one that I still use.



I’ve tried quite a few of the calming aid chews, different brands and ingredients. Most of the chews have to be given somewhere around 20 minutes before a storm or a road trip, or before the problem arises. One thing I never tried was the dog shirt, there is just know way I would be able to get it on an aussie before a storm, with her energy, and add to that the barking and pacing, well you can understand why it wouldn’t work.

First one


Without naming the product I’ll just give a short run down of the ingredients. The first one has calming amino acids with three types of b vitamins that is used for stress. This product worked somewhat, but didn’t really have lasting ability. My dog was somewhat calm for small periods but I didn’t want to over due the recommended amount, so it worked, but only slightly.


Second one


The second one we used had ingredients like valerian root and chamomile that were said to be all natural ingredients, which I liked as a consumer. Honestly though she seemed to like the taste, but I couldn’t tell much difference in her, she still seemed anxious and nervous before a storm.


Third one


Third one we tried was for stress, travel and grooming, seemed like a good choice the ingredients similar to the other one with chamomile, passion flower, ginger, melatonin. I think for the most part it worked, and they all work somewhat to a certain extent. I think the problem is I have a somewhat large, and energetic dog that require a little more than bite size chews made for a smaller dog. Doing a lot of searching for something that may work, I found something quite by accident and bought some to try.



What I found

I found Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease soft chews for dogs. The ingredient list has herbs and amino acids, with things like pea fiber, peas, chamomile, hops, ginger and more. Your instructed to give your dog one chew per 10 to 20 lbs. of weight 2 or 3 times a day, no more than 10 per use. I tried these on a whim when I spotted them at a local farm supply store. I was quite surprised how they helped ease her anxiety somewhat. That’s not to say that it was 100% affective, just that she was calmer using this product than most others that I’ve tried.


My girl is still uneasy with a storm approaching, but now we both get through the worst of it with a little help and a whole lot of love. I just wanted to add that I wrote about this product from my own experiences, and in know way was paid or given the product in any way. If your unsure about what products to try for your dog, you could ask your vet and they should be able to recommend something as well.




To learn more about anxiety issues in dogs you can visit these sites.

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