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How You Can Learn To Write And Publish A Ebook For Beginners




Would you like to write and publish your own ebook but don’t know where to start?


As a published author I can understand the frustration of wanting to make your dream of writing a book a reality and not knowing where to start. I learned to write and publish a book all by myself with no help except a few YouTube videos.




Writing a book seems like a far off dream, but I can tell you that with a little research and some time it can be accomplished. I always wanted to write a book myself, I spent a lot of time as a child & as an adult at the local library. I can honestly tell you that my library card got a real workout.




I’ve  always  wished there was some way to be able to write a book for myself. One day I came across a YouTube video about self publishing an Ebook, after watching several videos on the subject I was hooked. It took me months to figure out the whole process, and to decide what kind of book I wanted to write first. I decided to write a cookbook first to see what it would take, and how long the process would be. In the end it was a good choice because it’s one of my bestsellers to date.




I decided now that I have seven books published that it would be a good time to provide a online course for beginners who wanted to learn the process and elements involved in writing, publishing & promoting an Ebook. I hope that for those who are wanting to write a book for themselves, that when you take my course you will have the knowledge needed to self publish for yourself in a shorter time frame than I had.










Just remember that if you have a dream like wanting to write a book or something similar, and that just because it may seem hard or maybe unattainable, it doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for you. Hang on to your dreams no matter what age you are, and look for ways to make your dreams a reality.


I’m launching my course on Thinkific and I hope to see you enrolled there soon.


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