My List Of 50 Christmas Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?   Most people would probably say opening presents on Christmas morning. I would have to agree with you to an extent. But for me I just can’t wait for all the decorations that the town puts up and the kid like excitement I have when it get’s closer to […]

My Fantastic Fun Finds For Women

       Who else like’s finding new and fun products to try?   Maybe you’ve just come across some really good deals you want to share with everyone. Well I found some things for women that I thought would be great to share.   This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission […]

Over 40 Fantastic and Successful Women

              Being a woman over 40 myself I thought I would highlight some of the women I like and admire who are over 40 and extremely successful. This is just a few that I chose over many that I follow and appreciate not only for their intelligence but for […]

My Top 10 Favorite Things About Fall

      Summer is almost at an end, with that in mind I starting thinking about fall and all of the things I love about the fall. Some are just favorite memories from childhood &a few are just things that come to mind when you think about September and October.   This post contains […]

Calming Aid Ideas For Dog Owners

  Calming Ideas During Storms   We love our fur family so it stands to reason that when they are scared or frightened we want to do every thing we can to help get them get back to their usual playfulness. When you hear a storm coming in the distance you know right away it’s […]

10 Essentials Every Car Needs To Carry

    What are some of the things that you have in the trunk of your vehicle? I’m not talking about the obvious things like spare tire, jack, phone chargers. Most everyone has those things in their cars most of the time anyway.  If you don’t, then you definitely should. I’m talking about things you […]

6 Frugal Tips for New Grads & Newlyweds

      Everyone wants to save a little money, in the case of a new grad or a newly married couple it becomes a necessity. Here I will give some of my tips and ideas for those looking to cut costs on everyday things & save a little money as they do.   This […]

10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

    Father’s day is approaching soon, and what better way to show dad some love than a well thought out gift to show your appreciation for him on his special day. I’ve got a list of 10 gift ideas to spark your interest, and give you inspiration for your dad’s gift.     This […]

Memorial Day: Remembering All That Served

This Memorial Day   The Memorial Day holiday is approaching soon, with that in mind I’d like to take a moment and say how  grateful I am to all the men, women and service dogs who serve this country. Being the daughter of a veteran I know full well some of the struggles, and difficulties […]