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My Fantastic Fun Finds For Women




 Who else like’s finding new and fun products to try?


Maybe you’ve just come across some really good deals you want to share with everyone. Well I found some things for women that I thought would be great to share.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links below.



Here’s a list of some fun things you may want to check out.



Hand Sanitizer. Come on, you know you use it often & probably carry it in your purse, car, tote or diaper bag. I know I always carry some in my purse, especially during the colder months and flu season. I found this hand sanitizer from Dial that I absolutely love. It’s called Sheer Blossom and it’s got a great lingering scent that’s not like other’s that leave a somewhat alcoholic scent. This smells soft and floral and it’d hard to find unless you  order it online from Amazon or Walmart. You can try  it for yourself.



Body Cream. One of my favorite finds is Udderly Smooth body cream. It has a pleasant scent and isn’t greasy at all, and works really well on dry skin. Best of all about this cream is that it is relatively inexpensive and easy to find. I actually found it at the Dollar Tree and decided to try it out, it was a good buy for a $1.



Subscription Boxes. The latest thing is subscription boxes, this is where you sign up for a monthly or seasonal membership and they send you a box of goodies for a fee. Here’s a site that has a list of subscription boxes for Women. I’m thinking about trying some myself. If you do try it yourself leave me a comment  & let me know what your experience was like good/bad. I would appreciate the feedback to share with others.


Let’s talk Clothes



Finding that one clothing store that has everything you like at a reasonable price is really hard. If your like me finding that perfect pair of jeans that fits just right is next to impossible, and finding them at a decent price is a hard won battle. Below I’ll list three clothing stores that work well with most ages & sizes. If you don’t have any of these stores in your area, the good news is you can shop online at their site.


Peebles. I do a lot of my clothes shopping at Peebles not only do I have a store nearby but I can usually print out coupons to use during their sales that get me great deals on clothes. I can usually get a pair of $55 jeans for under $20. Peebles also have coupon codes you can use online and they always seem to be having clearance sales, markdowns or door buster sales. Their selection of women’s suits are really nice as well.


Blair. I’ve ordered from their catalogs before and had good results. The thing I like about Blair is they have everything from clothes to things for your home. I’ve found some good deals in their clearance section and using a online coupon code I came out really well on price point. If you look at the top of their page you can see a section that says The Outlet, here you can find things marked down quite a bit from several of their company sites. Sometimes you can even get free shipping or $0.99 shipping which is a plus when you’re shopping online for gifts.


Woman Within. If you’ve had trouble finding a great top in just the right size, you might enjoy shopping here. The prices are pretty reasonable and they do seem to have a decent selection on woman’s clothing, shoes & active wear. You can also find coupon codes to use online to making shopping easier & enter for a chance to win a $250 gift card which would come in handy for the holiday season shopping ahead.


Coupon Codes. For online coupon codes I usually use Retail Me Not. I’ve found that their codes are mostly up to date.




Beauty Finds


Eden Perfumes. Ok. I found this site where you type in your favorite perfume and it tells you the Vegan alternative that they make. Their slogan is that they will match your perfume 100% vegan & not tested on animals. They’re located in the UK and suppose to ship world wide. I have never tried this site so do your own research before ordering. I’m in no way recommending this product, I do however find it interesting and I may try it in the future. If you do decide to try this let us know how you liked it and if it matched your favorite scent.


Zoya. I just found a non toxic nail polish, where has this been hiding, ha! Seriously you can get a set called lips & tips that have lipstick that compliments the nail polish and is non-toxic. There are a variety of colors and even manicure styled sets. This is great for those worried about all the chemicals in our beauty products.



Shania Twain. One of my favorite singers is Shania Twain who has a new cd out right now. I’m loving her new single (Life’s About To Get Good). If you haven’t heard it you should give it a listen. You really have to admire a woman who gets publicly humiliated by her husband, gets divorced and loses her singing voice in a short period of time and has not lost her dignity and poise and came out the other side better than ever with grace & a fun, upbeat new song. That impresses me, how about you?


Something Cool


Echo Look. I just found this cool camera that’s called the Echo Look, which is a hands free camera that takes full length photos with Alexa included. You can also blur the background so your photos stand out better. This thing has everything you could imagine, even taking 360 degree videos of your whole outfit so you can see your outfit from every angle. This would be a great gift for someone who’s into fashion or does a lot on Instagram.




I’m always on the lookout for some new & fun things to try and it’s a bonus if it’s affordable. I like to use Ebates and Ibotta to save money on online shopping and in stores.


I hope you found something on this list that you might want to try. Leave me a comment below and tell me some of your new favorite finds.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links below.



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