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How To Write & Publish A eBook


Most people have a dream of writing a book and becoming a bestselling novelist. I know I did, I spent most of my childhood in a library, nose pressed to a book, so writing a book and having it published has been something of a life long dream for me. Here I’ll give you some steps that helped me to get my books written and published.




Getting Started


The first thing is to figure out what type of book you want to write will it be fiction or non fiction, and from there write an outline of how you want the book to be flow, having an outline helps a lot when your writing. The outline give you some structure and you can always go back and change some things later. I would then google the title you have in mind, just to see how many have the same title and that way you can change it if you want.



Now you can start writing, you can use Word to do your writing in, but I actually like using Open Office, it just a personal preference, use what ever program works for you. First you have to add a title page, then a copyright page, dedication, Introduction, depending on what kind of book your writing you can add a prologue. You can add a call to action on the copyright page or at the end of the book, so your audience can connect with you.

Cover & Publishing



Designing a cover is easy using Canva. If you want to really go professional you can hire a cover designer like The book cover designer or hire someone through Fiverr. There are a lot of cover designers out there and finding one shouldn’t take to long.

When choosing a publishing company you can go with Amazons KDP select publishing where they now have the option of you having your book in paperback. Another one is Draft2Digital and they are similar to Amazon only they will sell your book on other online stores like Nook, itunes, Kobo, scribd and a few more. There is also Lulu, createspace and blurb.


After getting a cover and picking a publisher you then have to format your book and download it. If you don’t know how to format your book, I would try some YouTube videos, that’s where I learned how to do it myself.
When you’re finished downloading and filling in all your information, you then have to pick a price on what you want to charge, amazon has information on that, on their publishing page that may help give you an idea.



Finally your all finished, it’s now time to post and sell your book. The real work starts after your published, you now have to market, promote and sell your book to all the avenue’s available. I suggest getting in with some Facebook writing and book groups there’s a lot you can learn there. You can promote on social media, start a blog or website to help you sell books.



I hope you found this useful and, all information here is just based on my experience as a writer. As with anything do your own research and see what works best for you. Leave me a comment and let’s talk about books.






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  1. such timely information as i’m currently working on an ebook and i’ve recently started using canva. glad to know it i can design a cover on my own there. thanks!

  2. I am currently writing an ebook, this article inspired me to keep going <3 Never tought of Canva for a book cover, thank you for the tip

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