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Little Known Ways To Make Money On The Side

Here’s a list of 8 side jobs that could possibly make a nice side income. Definitely do your own research and see what might work best for your own personal lifestyle.

1. Take and sell Photos:

Shutter stock, Alamy, and Istock photo are some just to get started. A good digital camera will get you started, like this one here

2. Direct Sales:

You can make money selling other companies products, but most have a fee of $99 or more. Some I’ve heard of are- Perfectly Posh, Pink Zebra, doterra  just to name a few.

3. Thrift Store flipping:

You can find things at the thrift store and repurpose and resell on ebay, craigslist or facebook yardsales.

4.Make & Sell Crafts:

If your good at crocheting, woodworking or digital creations you could sell your items on etsy or amazon handmade. Some of my favorite yarn to use is Red Heart Classic found here

5. Selling books for cash:

A good place to sell your unused text books or if you can find some at  yard sales and flea markets you could sell them on Cash4books or Use Bookscouter, believe it or not you can get some decent money back on your old textbooks.

6. Selling old CD’s, DVD’s and video games:

You can sell on a site called can also make you a little side money selling those things you no longer use or need.

7. Ebates:

One I use often, when you shop online and go through their site you get cash back, they send you a check with your cash back amount every 3 months. Click here if you want to sign up

8. You can sell things:

Using a website called it’s free to use, you can sell things, just take a photo of what you want to sell and upload to the site.


As with anything you start do your own research and see if it’s right fit for you.

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  1. Nice ideas. Currently experimenting with selling digital prints. Selling photographs may not be a bad idea either. Already have a DSLR camera. Thanks for all the inspiration

  2. You have some great ideas here! As I am unpacking in the new house I have a pile of stuff growing that I want to get rid of but I haven’t done anything with. This reminded me that they aren’t ‘bad’ things, just not things I’m using, so I really should look at selling some of the stuff that would be useful to others still!

    Britt |

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