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Living Nut Free

Last year I wrote a recipe book called Easy Nut Free Recipes. Do to nut allergies, I’ve  found that it’s hard, but not impossible to find recipes that don’t have nuts or ingredients that contain nut components. I decided to write a recipe book with simple recipes that don’t include nuts in any way.


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I didn’t always have nut allergies. At one time I could eat a p b & j sandwich with no problem. According to the Food Allergy Research and Education, at least 15 percent of food allergies are first diagnosed in adulthood. At least 170 foods have been reported to cause allergic reactions.  Wed MD says that allergies that pop up for the first time in adults are even more mysterious, and as an adult you could have allergies even if you’ve never had them before.


As a kid I could eat pretty much what I wanted, I never even gave it a second thought. When I got in my 20’s I had a serious sinus infection, and suddenly I couldn’t eat the same again. I had to start watching every bite I took. It’s something you just learn how to deal with. Some days you just want to grab a bag of peanut m & m’s and eat the whole thing. Mostly though I’ve learned what I can, and can’t eat, and I am fine with it. You learn healthier alternatives as a result.


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Although sometimes I do wish I didn’t know what a Reece’s cup tasted like, it’s a little frustrating. When eating out you always have to watch what you eat and wonder if something was made with nuts in it, or made with peanut oil, it’s definitely a challenge. All those with the same issue know what I mean, like when your invited to a wedding or family cookout and have to ask for ingredients. You can TYOS (take your own stuff) to any family function this way you already know what your going to eat.



I’m not ranting here or complaining (much), I just thought I would share a little of my daily struggles and hope others who have the same issue know that it’s hard, but not impossible to live a nut free life with a little help from family and friends who know what your dealing with on a daily basis.


 Allergy Statistics


There are around 15 million or more who have food allergies, and I would hope that with a little tolerance and compassion everyone allergic to anything will be able to deal with it however they want. A lot of foods in the grocery store now  put on their ingredient section a list of allergens, I  wish they would put it in a bolder form so that you don’t have go searching so hard for it.


Unfortunately there’s no cure for food allergies, just managing it yourself. Learning to always watch what you eat wherever you go is one way of dealing with food allergies. Consumer Reports has a page on The Epi Pen Alternative, which they say is the generic alternative that you may be able to get for $10, just check it out and decide for yourself.



I’m not a doctor in the medicine field, so any information you read here is strictly my own personal journey & opinions.


I hope you got something useful from this post. Knowing that there are so many people dealing with the same problems as you doesn’t make you feel so alone in your struggle. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links below.




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  1. I so understand the frustration here. I too have developed some allergies – particularly to coconut which just kills me as it used to be my favourite thing ever (which is probably why my body can’t take it anymore). It’s lovely though that we have sources like yours when allergies arise. Thanks for sharing ❤️✨

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