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Why I Love The Breaks Park & You Should Travel There On Vacation




Why You Should Visit The Breaks Park


I live in Virginia one of the most beautiful places I’ve lived at. Being born and raised in another state and having moved around, I can say that living in Virginia has been an great experience. A few weeks ago I decided to take a trip to the Breaks Interstate Park and do some hiking. Having been there before I thought it would be fun to go and take a few photos. I live within driving distance of the park but I haven’t been there for many years.


When you live near something like that it’s easy to take for granted, and you forget how truly beautiful a place like this really is. Sometimes it’s good to just get back to nature even if it’s just for a few hours and take in the awesome sights that are literally right under your noses. By the way I did take some photos and they mostly came out a little blurry. So the photos you see here are courtesy of the Breaks Park who were kind enough to let me use some in this post.




Some info on the park


They call the Breaks Park the Grand Canyon of the South. You will be able to see why from some of the photos I have here. With a 5 mile gorge that plunges to 1650 feet you can understand how it got the name. The park has several overlooks & hiking trails for those who love amazing views and are into some great hiking.


You can also rent cabins and cottages for a night or longer. With campground ,and a Yurt you can rent as well. It’s got picnic shelters for those wanting to have family reunions to.






Some of the activities the park have are an amphitheater, biking & hiking trails, horseback riding, and a water park called (splash in the park) for the kids.  One thing I wanted to add is this is a great place to come for a family vacation. I haven’t listed everything the park has to offer, but enough to give you some idea on why you should consider it for your next family vacation. What’s not to love about an affordable, fun and beautiful outdoors vacation where the whole family can find something to do. Let’s not forget the wildlife, while I was there I saw a couple of deer just walking by, I was going to take a picture but I didn’t want to spoil the moment.




I just thought I would also add that there is a Lodge with 81 rooms you can rent with a restaurant. There is also a 6,000 square foot conference center you can rent out for wedding receptions, meetings, banquets & parties. Going back and looking at it again for the first time in years has given me a new appreciation for local attractions. Sometimes we forget that we live near such amazing natural beauty.





I hope you decide to take a trip here, the views alone are worth it, when you stand at an overlook and look down at the gorge the only thing that comes to mind is WOW!. The next time you decide to take a family trip consider the Breaks Park it really does have a lot to offer the whole family. I’ll leave a link  here  and you can check it out for yourself.


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