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Memorial Day: Remembering All That Served

This Memorial Day


The Memorial Day holiday is approaching soon, with that in mind I’d like to take a moment and say how  grateful I am to all the men, women and service dogs who serve this country. Being the daughter of a veteran I know full well some of the struggles, and difficulties that those who serve have to go through.



The Memorial Day weekend for me isn’t just about a three day weekend, it’s a reminder of all those who’s sacrifice I’ll always remember. We should all remember what they’ve sacrificed for this country, not just on holidays but everyday. Those who come back from wars have constant reminders of all that they gave for this great country of ours. It’s so easy to forget about their pain and struggles when we go about our daily lives. I  for one am proud that my father, and my uncle both served, and wore their uniforms with pride.



I sometimes wonder if this generation will ever understand the full magnitude of their sacrifice, and what they’ve endured in their service. Will they ever know about PTSD, Agent Orange, TBI, not to mention the physical injuries that they bring home. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about you should look it up, and see what some of the issues the service men and women have to deal with in their daily life.


Some Help


Thankfully there are several agencies that help Veterans and their families in times of need. One organization is the GarySiniseFoundation that has a program that provides special adapted smart homes, and modifications to homes etc. That is just one of the programs that they offer. More celebrities should get involved in helping, just think what could be accomplished if more of them were like Gary Sinise.






One other organization I’d like to mention is the DAV, they help veterans in many ways. One  of the ways being that they help veterans get their benefits through the VA. They have volunteers who help with giving rides to VA medical facilities for ill and injured veterans. The DAV also has a disaster relief program, and help homeless veterans.


Just thought I would highlight a couple of organizations that can help veterans in need, there are several out there that do just as much. I will post links below for a few of them. Maybe you know someone who could use the help of one of the organizations.

Finally I just want to say how grateful I truly am to all who serve, and are still serving our country. I hope they all know that their sacrifices whatever they might be are never forgotten.


So on Memorial Day while your having a cookout or watching fireworks take a few minutes and say a silent prayer, and a thank you to all those here and gone, that serve their country with pride and honor.



                                            May they never be forgotten.


Links to some organizations:


Gary Sinise Foundation:


Operation Homefront:


Fisher House:








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  1. So grateful for the sacrifices of these people. Theirs can be such a dangerous, and often thankless, job. I’m glad you took the opportunity to bring attention to some great organizations too!

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