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Would you like to start a blog or learn how to write and publish a ebook?



Discover how you can accomplish these goals within a short period of time. I’ve designed a few online courses at Thinkific to teach beginners like you how to do exactly that.



Each course is broken down into manageable steps that are easy to follow and with enough information to give you the tools to get you on the road to where you want to be.



As an Author and a Blogger I know first hand the frustration of wanting to write a book or to start a blog without knowing where to start first. My courses will help you clear the confusion and help you with your dream of starting a blog or just want to publish your first ebook.





The Courses


First course


I have a course where you can Learn How to Write, Publish & Promote a Ebook for Beginners. In this course you should have all the tools you need to get your very first ebook written and published.


Second course


How To Start A WordPress Blog where you can learn the simple steps to starting a WordPress blog for beginners. In this course you’ll find the steps to get started on your blogging journey.


Free course


I have a Free Mini Course on How to Write a Cookbook which you’ll learn what goes into writing a cookbook. I’ve written two recipe books myself and to date they’re my bestsellers. If you want to learn how to compile one of your own then take this course for yourself that’s completely Free.





If your new to blogging or even writing a ebook then give these courses a try and Enroll Today! Let’s get you on your way to publishing your first book or blog post.


Don’t let your dream of being a bestselling author or just wanting to start a blog slip away.


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