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Would you like to understand Pinterest so you can use it more effectively for your business or blog?


Pinterest has 200 million+ people that use their site, and 70% of them are women with the other 30% being men. That’s a lot of people and potential customers to tap into. What better place to look for more traffic to your site and more buyers for your product or service.


Have you been struggling to get more engagement or followers to your Pinterest profile?




Maybe you just need to understand the way Pinterest works. Pinterest is like a search engine and should be used as such to gain more followers and pinners to pin your pins. Using proper keywords can help you rank higher, get more traffic & boost ranking’s in google. It’s so much more than recipes & fashion. Pinterest is eye candy, a visual menu for everything you want and love, and a platform to market all your ideas, tips and professional insights & products. All done with images, boards and words. What’s not to love about that.



As a business you need to be on Pinterest, your buyers or future buyers are there, and understanding how it works is where I can help. I’ve been on Pinterest for 6 months+ and I started out not knowing anything about how it worked, I didn’t even have a personal account.





This is what I did


I got a business account straight away and set up rich pins, then tested & learned everything I could about the platform. Now I have over 19k+ followers, 690k+ viewers monthly, with 44% of my blog traffic coming from Pinterest alone. All done without the help of Tailwind & BoardBoosters, which are fine if you want to use them, I chose to pin manually.


Here’s what I can help you accomplish:


  • Setting up your Profile and optimizing key words for SEO to get the most effect
  • Using Key words to help rank higher with your boards & profile related to your niche
  • Show you ways to improve your boards & profile
  • The strategies I used in getting the results that I have
  • How businesses can use Pinterest more effectively to gain followers & traffic


Below are the packages I have put together to help get you the results you need from Pinterest. If you use all the strategies, techniques and information that I give you and you don’t see results within a month, then I will re evaluate your account and work with you to get better results at no extra cost to you.


These Prices are for a Limited Time only. Rates & packages will go up after the first of the year.










Professional Plus:

This package includes me redoing your Pinterest account and maintaining it for your business for a set price of $1,200 a month. This price also includes optimizing your profile & boards with keywords, all the strategies I’ve used in getting 19k+ followers and keeping them, designing 3 graphic pins for each new post on your site/brand.


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