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My Top 10 Favorite Things About Fall




Summer is almost at an end, with that in mind I starting thinking about fall and all of the things I love about the fall. Some are just favorite memories from childhood &a few are just things that come to mind when you think about September and October.


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One Of The First Things



When I was a kid my parents use to take us to an apple orchard in the fall to pick apples. It’s probably one of my favorite childhood memories that I’ll always cherish.Every time I think of fall I think of picking apples with my family & to me that’s what fall represents. Family, fun, & fall.


Second Thing


Sweaters, I start seeing sweaters in stores and I start to go through my own to see if I need some. Wouldn’t you know it, I always need some new sweaters, ha ha. I just love looking at all the new styles and colors for fall and trying to decide on what types of pullovers & sweaters to get. I start going through my closet and looking to see if my favorite jacket will live to see another season or should I try and find a replacement.




Third Thing is Candy


Usually when September hits, the stores are already lining their shelves with Halloween candy. Fall always reminds me of candy, trick or treating, candy corn and my dad telling me as a kid not to eat any of that until I get home. It’s probably the one time out of the year that I coupon for candy.


Fourth Thing


Caramel apples. Who doesn’t like apples wrapped in caramel, on a stick. I have fun memories of making this as a kid and getting to eat some of the caramels straight out of the bag. Yum! I also like sliced apples dipped in caramel, it’s a great little snack.


My Fifth Favorite


Leaves. I love when the leaves start to change their colors. Bright greens start turning into yellows, oranges & golds. So pretty, especially here in Virginia when your driving around and can see all the color changes in the mountain tops, it’s a beautiful site.


Sixth Favorite


Scents. Fall scents everywhere, from candles to food. You start seeing a lot of pumpkin scented products everywhere or apple & cinnamon. Even lotions, body washes & soaps are scented to match the fall season.




Seventh Thing


Hoodies & boots. Fall is the time you usually throw on a hoodie to run and do errands. Let’s not forget the cute boots to complement your fall wardrobe. I personally like the lace-up ankle books because it’s more practical for the area I live in.


Eighth Thing is


Early morning walks with my dog when it’s just cool enough for a sweater or light jacket.  I love those walks in the early mornings with the crisp fall air, and your walking your dog down a quiet street and then your dog spots the neighbors cat and then it’s game on. Best workout around.


Ninth Favorite


Reading. One of my favorite things to do in the fall is curl up with a cup of coffee by a window and read a good book. I love going to the library and checking out some of the latest books that they have. Reading ebooks is great, I just like having a book in my hands and turning the pages of a good book. I spent a lot of time at the library as a kid so for me it’s a comforting memory I cherish.


Tenth Favorite is


Holidays. When fall get’s here you start to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s when you start making Christmas lists, and thinking about what your going to fix for holiday dinner this year.  I like to start planning ahead on what desserts I want to make and experiment on new recipes for the holidays.


What do you do during the fall month’s to get ready for the holidays?  You can leave a comment below and add any of your favorite things about fall .






Here’s A list Of 10 Fall Activities To Try


  1. Go Antiquing
  2. Take the kids apple picking
  3. Collect pine cones for fall crafts
  4. Go to a fall festival
  5. Host a fall neighborhood party
  6. Go on a hike and take nature photos
  7. Bake some favorite fall desserts with the kids
  8. Make a fall wreath for the front door
  9. Learn how to crochet a scarf
  10. Make some s’mores and cocoa, then stay in and have a family movie night




I thought I would add a helpful, and also fun site for you to check out that include fall facts &  fall home maintenance checklist. Like, comment & share if you liked this post.


42 facts about Fall:

Fall Home maintenance checklist:


This post contains affiliate links throughout which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links.





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