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Ultimate Guide To Starting A Blog for Beginners




When I decided to start a blog I had know idea how much information was out there and what the whole process was like, so I thought I would share some steps that break down what you need to do to get started.



Find your Niche or Passion:


You need to find out what your true passion is because your going to be writing about it a lot, it could be food, family, travel, beauty, you get the idea. You could combine several areas and write a lifestyle blog, whatever you decide make sure you love it, a lot.



Choose A Platform:



There are several to choose from blogger, tumblr, word press. The free platforms are fine if you want to experiment and blog as a hobby, but if your truly serious about blogging I would probably not go that route, to many limitations and not enough options.





Choose A Domain Name:


Very important step, one I would devote a lot of time to, once you decide on a name make sure you love it because you’ll probably have it for quite some time. I would also make sure it’s not already taken, you can do that when you sign up for hosting and register your domain.



Choose Hosting:


There are several hosting sites to choose from, I went with HostGator and they have been great, I had an issue on my end the first day I signed up, and they helped me right away, I appreciated the quick response from them. If you want to try them out click the link here:



This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the link above.


Choose A Theme And Customize It:


When you sign up for hosting and download WordPress, you then get to choose what theme you want to use and customize it to your own personal taste with social icons, pictures etc. I went with one of the free themes that they have and I really like it. Here’s the link to the site for more information




Write Posts and Publish:


Now that you have your site looking the way you want, it’s time to start writing posts and publishing them on your site. Make sure before you publish that it looks readable and nothing looks out of place. Once you get some posts on your blog you might want to start thinking about affiliate programs and ways to monetize your site.


Starting a blog is fun and exciting and for a lot of people, when you say your starting a blog they look at you with some confusion. Just remember to do your research and see if this is something you really want to do, because it does take time and a whole lot of effort to grow a following and reach the right type of audience. It’s something that only experience can teach no matter how many YouTube videos you watch, you’ll only really know by trying. As with anything use your own judgement & see if blogging is something you really want to try.



I also just want to say that there are tax issues you need to be aware of as well. Whether your a sole proprietor or a LLC. There are things you need to do before you go down the blogging for money road. This site has some great information that may help answer some of your questions, I found it very helpful.


I hope this post was helpful,  drop me a comment below.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using the links below.



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