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How To Use Social Media To Promote A Blog

What Social Media Site do You Use When Promoting Your Blog/Business?



Using social media for promoting your posts or products is what most of us who are blogging do. The question’s that I hear a lot is what social media site to use to promote your blog and how many do you focus on?


The answer. Well truthfully you can use them all, but trying to focus on all of them would take a lot of time and focus away from your blog and everything you’re trying to grow with your site. My best advice is just pick a few maybe 2 or 3 and try and build a solid foundation with those. I personally use 4, only because I wanted to expand my knowledge on certain platforms and see where it takes me personally & professionally.


Below I will list the ones I did decide to use, and I’ll give you my take on each one so you can decide if maybe one of them is something you may want to focus on for yourself, if your not already.



I had a Facebook business page first, so I’ll start here. When I wrote my first book I decided I wanted to use Facebook to promote it. I designed it the way I liked, then posted about my book there quite often, then I wrote other books and starting posting links to them as well. The best way I found to use Facebook for promoting anything is to join Facebook groups. I joined several groups for writers & authors that will let you promote your books for free, and it does help get you some book sales.


I combined my author page into a author/blog page where I can promote both my books ,and everything related to my blog. Joining some groups for blogging & doing some promoting there has helped in getting traffic to my blog and for my books. I don’t have a massive following here but I do have enough to keep working at it until I get more traffic for my blog. Facebook groups is the best place for posting about your blog, asking questions & doing some basic promoting for anything  to related to your blog/business site.





Interestingly enough I had know clue about Pinterest when I first started, I didn’t even have a personal account. I kept hearing a lot on line about Pinterest and how it was good for bloggers. I decided that before I launched my blog I would try to get a Pinterest account and get a small following, then start my blog. I went for a business account straight away and learned everything I could about Pinterest, I watched a ton of YouTube videos and did quite a lot of research starting out.


It was a good choice, because Pinterest is one of my favorite platforms to use. Pinterest is visually appealing to me and I really enjoy that aspect of it. I really like designing graphics for pins and being able to say visually  with pins what your post’s are about.

I’ve been on Pinterest for about 8 month’s, and in that time with all the strategies I’ve used and applied, I now have a following of 15k+ and I get almost half of my traffic from there. I started offering my Pinterest Advising Services for those interested in learning how to get the same results implementing the strategies I share. You can check out my Pinterest Services page for more information & rates if your interested.




What can I say, I’m a little confused by #hashtag use. That being said I’ve found that if you follow people with the same interest as you and are in the same type of business, then it’s easier to make real connections and to keep them. There are a few follow/ unfollowers on there, but for the most part you can find genuine followers who enjoy your tweets. I’ve only been on there for about 6 months or so and find it somewhat fascinating that you can give a shout out to your favorite brand, celebrity & even politicians with a good chance that they may answer you or follow you. Who would have thought you could reach out to someone famous & that they may reach back.


I have reached out to brands on occasion, and some have answered back & some even have followed me. Just remember to always be yourself while also being respectful to whoever your tweeting to and you can find a genuine following to promote your blog content to, who wont mind seeing your posts in their feed. Happy Tweeting!





I just started recently on LinkedIn, it’s different than most other social media sites. One way to explain it if you don’t use it, is that it’s  similar to Facebook with following them, and instead of getting friend requests you connect with people. It is also like an online resume where you add work experience, what skills you have & endorsements from people. You can also add your accomplishments, education and just about anything you would want to add to a resume. There are groups you can join and you can follow influencers who interest you and their content will show up in your feed.


I just want to add that if you have a service you’re trying to get started LinkedIn is a good place to start. When you fill out your information and turn on your career interests, it let’s recruiters know that you would be open for jobs in the areas you filled out in your profile. There is a jobs tab at the top that you can click on that let’s you search for open positions in the categories you may be interested in, you just need to search them out and apply. I’m fairly new to this one, but so far it’s really been interesting trying to figure it all out.



I’m still trying to learn how to post about my blog though, I’m not in a hurry  because I think with anything there is a learning curve and you just have to learn how to use each one in your own way. These are the social media site’s that I’ve been using to gain followers and post about my blog and books.


I decided to give each one of these a try for my own personal reasons and so far it’s been a good decision. I haven’t tried Instagram or YouTube yet, honestly I’m not sure if I will, they really don’t appeal to me and trying to build a following somewhere that you don’t have any interest in seems like a bad idea and a waste of time.


I’m always learning new ways to promote my blog, sometimes it’s even fun. Navigating all of the Social Media sites is a waste of valuable time, my advice is to pick a few that interest you, concentrate on building a following and connecting to people. Just remember that behind those social sites is an actual person so don’t forget to be yourself and be genuine in your approach most of the time you will see some positive results.





What are some of your favorite Social Media sites? Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to share this post on your favorite site. Thanks!



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