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Calling all Bloggers, Authors & Creative Entrepreneurs


I’m here to introduce a way to help make your work life a little less stressful.



When your busy writing your amazing content, marketing & sharing posts in groups and generally working non-stop to get your blog up and running or maybe getting a novel published or new business of the ground. You don’t have a lot of extra time for designing graphics for Pinterest, and time to design your social media cover photos that make your brand & blog stand out.


Pinterest Graphic Examples:







I can help you with that



Being a blogger & an author I’ve worked constantly on the look and design of my own site and social media pages. I’d like to help you in getting the look you want for your business and/or brand without the stress of having to deal with that yourself. This will free you up to work on your business without being pulled in every direction.



Do you honestly like having to make graphics for posts on top of writing great content, working on SEO and trying to work in affiliate links wherever possible. This is where I can help you to be able to work on those very things.


Being a author I also understand needing a specific look and feel for your Facebook & Twitter page that compliments your book or books. Etsy sellers can also get a matching banner as well as give their social media sites a fresh new look.




Facebook Cover Examples:















I can give you a one of a kind and unique look to your Facebook, Twitter cover photo.



Pinterest Graphics Designed for Men



Guys are you looking to up your Pinterest game? Let me design your Pinterest graphics for you.

Here are some examples of what you can get.










Here’s what you get for your investment with me.


With each item I can add your brand color Palette to your design with one revision and all the details you want added. I will work with you to get the desired results your after and make the process fun, inspiring & enjoyable for both sides.


Step by Step we can get this done together.


Rates are listed below:



For Facebook, Twitter and all other cover photos & Etsy banner the price is $25 Each.



You get 3 Pinterest graphics for $40 with your details added on to each.



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